Welcome! You are at the right place to register for the 2017 Treasured Haven Farm CSA!

Treasured Haven Farm offers a wide range of organic options: from standard CSA share deliveries and customization, to other unique share options of Garden Box Shares, Preserving and Storage Shares, Juicing Shares, Fruit Packs, Chicken Shares, and other add-ons and bulk options.

The vast number of options we know can be overwhelming, but we have found our members vary greatly in their needs and it is actually best to keep all options on a single form so members can see all that is available and then make their selections. All items and shares are limited in quantity. The total is calculated towards the bottom of the form. Details are available for each option throughout this form, at the bottom of the page, and on our website. Prices are a one-time payment for each selected option. We use tiered membership pricing so that the earlier you register, the less you pay. Shares are limited, so register early to get your choice of selections.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. You join with your farm to receive a share of the harvest direct from your farmer during the growing season, each week or on other selected schedule. This close relationship allows you to get to know your farmers, and in the case of Treasured Haven Farm, to connect with a farm where you truly make an impact and difference to keep the next generation on this Minnesota organic family farm. 

Your CSA veggies are freshly harvested, and packed on your delivery day. Then delivered to drop sites at homes, businesses, or your workplace, where you can pick up your shares on your scheduled delivery day.  We know many like the added convenience, so we do have space for a limited number of home deliveries for a small fee. If you would like home delivery, or would like to see a drop site that is not listed, or set up a site at your workplace, contact us ASAP for arranging this for you.

Treasured Haven Farm is a century organic family farm located an easy drive up I-35 from the Twin Cities Metro area. We have Drop Sites throughout East Central Minnesota and the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul and surrounding suburbs.

For more information about Treasured Haven Farm go to www.treasuredhavenfarm.com

If you have questions when making your selections, please consult the website or the information at the bottom of this form, or contact us by email at csa@treasuredhavenfarm.com or by phone at 320-358-3581. If you have any difficulty in completing your registration through this form, please contact the farm.

Thank You for Choosing Treasured Haven Farm's CSA for 2017!

Treasured Haven Farm and Your Local Area Drop Sites

53407 Government Road, Rush City, MN 55069

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Enter Your Membership Information

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Please answer the additional questions so we can best serve you. Many years we send more in depth surveys to members regarding what they would like to see us grow or offer. Note any survey is for planning and not for customization purposes. Custom shares are available for those who wish to choose their box contents each delivery from what is available that week.

Pick Up or Delivery Options

Pick up and delivery options are for our various veggie and fruit share options during our Summer and Fall Seasons. Some shares, such as garden box shares, preservation and storage shares, and chicken shares, may have other special delivery or pick up requirements.



Options for being a Drop Site Host, or Home Deliveries go quickly and please be pre-approved prior to registering if you have not been a host or had home delivery prior. Send an email with "CSA Delivery?" in the subject line to csa@treasuredhavenfarm.com and include your name and address in the text of the email and type of area where your boxes can be delivered, or multiple boxes could be left if you are inquiring about being a drop site. If we are in need of a drop site in your area and your home can provide a proper area to hold deliveries and host other members, you may be able to serve as a Drop Site Host and there would be no additional charges if sufficient additional members utilize your site. Details of becoming a site host are on our website.  DROP SITE INFORMATION    Drop Site Host Info


In an effort to provide a fair incentive to all members and reflect the true costs of operation, registration fees, and office administration, Treasured Haven Farm has implemented a base membership fee to cover those costs, including additional administrative help at peak times. For 2017 this fee is currently in place instead of previous years share price increases, actually many prices have been lowered in order to keep pricing on all share options fair and reasonable since many members choose multiple shares and add-ons.  But please note that we do reserve the right to increase prices as needed to reflect current market conditions, so by registering early you lock in these lower prices.



Here are our members most popular choices for guidelines when creating your own share.

For Couples? Most select a SMALL Weekly Veggie and a  Weekly or EOW Small Fruit and Extend the Season with a Basic Extended Veggies. If you just want to supplement your summer eating, choose the EOW COMBO option and some Bulk Veggies or Fruit. Most add a Maple Syrup selection or Eggs as well.

For Small Families? Most select a BASIC Weekly Veggie and either the Weekly or EOW Small Fruit, and continue on with a Basic or Large Extended Share Veggie and a Large Extended Fruit. Not sure if it's for you, select the EOW options and perhaps some Preserving Shares or Bulk options. Most add a Maple Syrup Bundle or Eggs as well.

For Larger Families? Most select the LARGE Weekly Veggies with the Extended Jumbo Veggies, and a Large Weekly or EOW Fruit for the FULL Season as well. If you have plenty of vacations scheduled, or are supplementing your families garden and joining to provide your family with the farm experience, choose the EOW options and add the Preservation Share or Bulk Veggies. Most add a Maple Syrup Bundle or Eggs as well.

Finicky Eaters or Multiple Food Sensitivities? Your best choice is to choose a CUSTOM Share option that fits your household size.

Hope this helps, but if you need any other questions answered always feel free to call or email the farm. Thanks!


Select Your Choice of Options:

- LARGE, BASIC, or SMALL Summer Veggie Shares


- JUMBO, LARGE, and BASIC Extended Fall Veggie Shares.


Customization is available all seasons.


- Delivery WEEKLY, PEAK, or EOW (Every Other Week with delivery schedule choice of BLUE or ORANGE - Schedules listed below) 

Prices are a one-time payment for the entire selected season(s) of produce delivery. We use tiered membership pricing so that the earlier you register, the less you pay.  There are limits of each share type available.

Select Your Choice of Veggie Share Size, Frequency, and other Add-Ons and Options that work best for Your Household: WEEKLY = 16 deliveries, mid June-Sept, Weeks 1-16; EOW = 8 deliveries, mid June-late Sept, choice or EOW BLUE or EOW ORANGE Delivery Schedule (Every Other Week Schedules listed at the bottom of this page.); PEAK = 9 deliveries weekly, August-Sept, Weeks 8-16.

EXTENDED FALL= Add 4 more deliveries on Weeks 18,20,22,24  in choice of size = JUMBO (two boxes each delivery), LARGE, BASIC. All sites will be on Mondays during the Extended Season, some sites may be combined if necessary.

Additional information regarding the farm, crops grown, growing practices and our philosophies is located towards the bottom of this page.

ENTER the NUMBER QUANTITY in each share desired. (Yes, we do have members who buy multiple shares and this form of entry allows them to register all on one form.)

LARGE VEGGIE SHARES: 1 1/9 Bushel Box. Receives greatest variety of produce and more quantity of each item. Designed for 4 or more persons, or a couple of avid veggie eaters.




BASIC VEGGIE SHARES: 3/4 Bushel Box - Compare to most other farm's FULL shares and our most popular size.




SMALL VEGGIE SHARES: 1/2 Bushel Box - Designed for a couple, or an avid veggie loving single. Note: In order to provide the best overall experiences for members, we are limiting Small EOW Veggie Shares to be only purchased in combination with a Fruit Pack. If only EOW veggies are desired, please order a Basic EOW Veggie Share (SPECIAL PRICING ABOVE) which provides a better opportunity to send a greater variety for those only receiving a veggie box every other week. Fruit Packs are also available to add to Small Weekly Veggie Shares, please see the Fruit Pack options below. Thank You for Your Understanding.




CUSTOMIZING YOUR VEGGIE SHARE allows you to select from a list of available crops to have packed in your box each delivery. We do grow trial crops and varieties available for custom shares as well as selections that we grow for all shares. This option is great for those who also grow a small garden or a few plants themselves who may not need every vegetable, but want more of other items they may not have space to grow. And for those with very specific dietary needs or food sensitivities or allergies. Contact the farm if you have further questions.

Select your EOW Schedule if you have selected an EOW Share. The EOW (Every Other Week) Schedule is located at the bottom of this page. SImply scroll to see the exact dates. Your delivery will be either Monday or Thursday of the week depending on your drop site.

SUMMER VEGGIE SHARE BONUSES: All Summer Veggie Shares also include the following at no extra charge for a substantial increase in value in addition to your regular CSA deliveries:

If I have ordered a Veggie Share, I want to take part in the following Bonuses. Please check those that apply.

FREE 5K Run/Walk BONUS of your choosing at a Treasured Haven Farm Trail Running event.  This is for two registrations and can be used transferred to a non-CSA member.

FALL HARVEST BONUS, proportionate to your share size, and other Fall bonuses, such as carving pumpkins, cornstalks, decorative corn, at the FALL HARVEST EVENT DAYS held on Treasured Haven Farm. Tentative 2017 dates are October 14-15. This is an on-farm event and delivery of this bonus or additional pumpkins or produce to sites is not logistically feasible. If there is enough interest from members and yields permit, a Meet the Van event in areas of the Twin Cities may be offered, but is not guaranteed.


FALL EXTENDED SEASON OPTIONS (weeks 18,20,22,24)  We now offer multiple sizes of Fall veggie shares to be a better fit for the majority of our members. To be more efficient we will be making these fall deliveries every other week and so larger options, including a Jumbo which is two box special, is available for those who would require the same approximate amount as weekly larges..NOTE: Extended season shares may contain organic produce from other farms to supplement for a greater variety.


GARDEN BOX SHARES include a selection of organically grown transplants and seeds for a small backyard or patio garden with planting information. All transplants are grown organically at Treasured Haven Farm.

GARDEN BOXES include:CHOICES from select HERBS: such as parsley, thyme, a large variety of basil, chives, cilantro, dill, sage, etc.; VEGETABLES: heirloom tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbages, kale, collards, Swiss chard, lettuces, etc;  SEEDS and SETS: Multiple POTATO varieties, including purples and fingerlings. Onion Sets and Plants. Sunchokes. various veggies; and Microgreen growing Seed for growing Sunnies (aka Sunflower Shoots), Pea Shoots, salad topping mixes, etc. HERB ONLY Shares are also available. 

After your order a form will be sent with the exact selections. As we get closer to the Garden Box Pick Up or Delivery, a revised list of availability will be sent for any last minute additions or changes.

ENTER the QUANTITY for each selection desired below and select your pick up or delivery option for these Garden or Herb Shares.

  [sold out]


NOTE: Pre-sale of Bulk shares of most vegetables is now complete and any additional Shares of Bulk Vegetables will be sold as production allows during the season. Watch your emails for items as they become available.

BULK VEGETABLE ORDERS allow for us to plan the planting for the processing needs of CSA Members ONLY beyond the weekly boxes and are available solely to CSA members who have some type of regular veggie or fruit share. Since these bulk orders are intended for processing, some produce with blemishes or seconds may be included, and the volume may be increased if warranted These shares are guaranteed in that if for any reason Treasured Haven Farm may not have a crop available in necessary quantities, we will find substitutes from another organic farm, work out a substitute of another crop, or you can apply the credit to other produce or products. Delivery of these items will be at the peak of the seasonal harvest when all members have received this crop. Many crops have multiple plantings and multiple quantities ordered may be delivered over more than one week if insufficient quantity is available any given week.

ENTER the QUANTITY of bulk packages before the item listed. 









Enjoy the freshest assortment of seasonal Certified Organic fruit delivered to a drop site near you. Order early as some sites have room for a very limited number of Fruit Packs.

The exact selection and mix of organic fruit in each box is dependent on the growing season and can vary each week. Your fruit pack box values are set for each week and over the course of the season, however the value and weight of your box can fluctuate slightly from one week to the next.

Your Fruit Pack is much like a buying club so you get the freshest possible Certified Organic fruits available at a very competitive price. Members, like yourself, love how long this produce stays fresh, that it has not been exposed to excessive handling, and includes varieties not always found in stores.

The wide variety of organic fruit comes from beyond the local market to find varieties and fruits not grown in Minnesota. We utilize farm sources from within the United States during the peak of the seasons, although occasional substitution of certified organic produce from other countries may be needed due to weather conditions or delay in transit that make our planned selections temporarily unavailable

Select Your Choice of Options that work best for your household:

WEEKLY = 16 deliveries, mid June-Sept, Weeks 1-16;  EOW = 8 deliveries, mid June-late Sept, choice or EOW BLUE or EOW ORANGE Delivery Schedule (Every Other Week Schedules listed at the bottom of this page.); PEAK = 9 deliveries weekly, August-Sept, Weeks 8-16; EXTENDED FALL = 4 deliveries Weeks 18,20,22,24 in October and November; FULL SEASON of Summer and Fall = 20 Deliveries, Weeks 1-16, 18.20,22,24. Prices are a one-time payment for the entire selected season(s).

LARGE ORGANIC FRUIT PACKS: Range of 9 to 12+ pounds, or more, depending on varieties any given delivery. Mixed selections of 6 to 14 or more different varieties each delivery. Designed for 3 or more persons, or a couple of avid fruit eaters. Whenever possible we pass on any deals we find in the form of additional fruit. In 2016 the large fruit shares ran consistently from 12 to 14+ pounds, and hit 25+ pounds when melons were in season.

JUMBO Extended Season Fruit Packs are about 15-20 pounds per delivery., especially designed for those who had Large Weekly Share during the Summer Season.

SMALL ORGANIC FRUIT PACKS: Range of 6 to 8+ pounds, or more, depending on varieties any given delivery. Mixed selections of 6 to 12 or more different varieties each delivery. Designed for a couple, or an avid fruit loving single, or a household who enjoys nibbling on a few fruits. Whenever possible we pass on any deals we find in the form of additional fruit. In 2016 the small fruit shares ran consistently from 8 to 10+ pounds of produce, and hit 15+ pounds when melons were in season.


BULK CERTIFIED ORGANIC FRUIT for canning, freezing, or preserving as fruit becomes seasonally available. These may, or may not, be available the same weeks as your other fruit deliveries. The more orders we have, the better value and pricing we can offer, so we ask that you pre-order so that we can plan accordingly and be sure we can get enough of what everyone wants. The quantity may fluctuate depending on the availability and value as we pass on any savings via an increased volume to you.

See our Fruit Pack page on our website for more info.

ENTER the QUANTITY of bulk packages before the item listed. 










SET of 4 (FOUR) Broiler Chickens for pick up ON THE FARM. Limited pick up opportunities from the farm van for pre-ordered chicken shares. 

Average weight is 4 1/2 to 6+ lbs. Goal weight of each Chicken Share is 20 (up to 22+) pounds.

Pasture raised, supplemented with home grown organic corn, oats, alfalfa, and sunflower based grain.

Whole Chicken. Available Fresh on processing days ON THE FARM, or they will be frozen and double bagged. Due to limited freezer space, chickens must be picked up as close to the processing dates as possible. These are processed  on Treasured Haven Farm with our own professional quality processing equipment. These CANNOT be delivered with CSA Shares but are for pick up n the farm, or other arrangements can be made for a FARM VAN PICK UP of frozen chickens that have been pre-ordered. This is a Special Pick Up opportunity and any shares scheduled for this service must be picked up during the allotted time.



ENTER Number of CHICKEN SHARES --- ONE Chicken Share = FOUR Whole Chickens

  [$79.00] help?

  [$79.00] help?


Egg Shares must be purchased and delivered with a compatible delivery and season length Veggie or Fruit Share and are for CSA Members Only.

The laying hens are pastured, free range, supplemented with home grown organic corn and sunflower based grain. We have a variety of breeds with most being brown egg layers.

CSA Summer Season Deliveries are from mid June to end of September.

CSA Extended Season Deliveries are from October to November.

CSA Full Season Deliveries are a combination of both Summer and the Extended Seasons.

You will be assisgned a week according to your share if EOW. QUANTITIES are LIMITED!



Enjoy 100% Pure Organic Maple Syrup produced from the Maple trees in the woodlands of Treasured Haven Farm.  Certified organic by MCIA.

The sap is cooked slowly over an outdoor wood fire for a rich, intense, country fresh flavor. Cooked down thick from 40-45 gallons of sap to 1 gallon of syrup ratio.

All maple syrup ordered will be delivered in one CSA delivery, or can be picked up on the farm, for you to store in your pantry.

This order option is for delivery with a CSA Share. For immediate mail delivery, choose the Maple Syrup Online Ordering Option through our online Farm Store.

ENTER the QUANTITY of bundles before the item desired.

  [$20.00] help?


  [$36.00] help?




Certified Organic Black Oil Sunflower Seeds grown on Treasured Haven Farm for use as Bird Seed, Pet Feed, or using for growing Microgreens.

To raise as microgreens: Use a shallow flat or tray with some clean soil. Thickly sprinkle seed on top of soil. Lightly cover with sifted soil without clumps. Water and keep moist and covered until seeds sprout. Remove covering and allow plants to grow to 3 plus inches tall and then carefully cut off plant above soil level. Rinse prior to use in salads or juicing.

Also suitable for sprouted pet food. Be sure to adhere to sanitary practices and adequately rinse.

This seed is not intended for field planting.

Pet Hay Shares

Pet Hay Shares include a bag of soft and fresh organic timothy hay for your pet guinea pigs, rabbits, or other pets. Receive a share in a small veggie box size on a regular basis during the summer and fall CSA seasons. This is an Add-On Item and is intended for members also ordering other shares. Multiples can be ordered. This is not a stand alone share. Bulk purchases can also be arranged individually by contacting the farm. Other organic grains and feeds are also available. Contact Pete for details. 651-208-4012.



Treasured Haven Farm Shirts

Treasured Haven Farm also produces our own full color printed design shirts for our CSA members. Our design is our active running and jumping veggies with "I <heart> Veggies!" These shirts will be mailed to members as ordered - please allow up to 2 weeks as we will make them to order and occasionally may be out of some sizes. Thanks!

We have the following sizes available in soft feel performance fabric.

ONESIES: 6mo, 12mo, 18mo;  YOUTH T-SHIRT: XS, S, M, L; LADIES T-SHIRT: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL: ADULT unisex T-SHIRT: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

ENTER TOTAL NUMBER of Shirts Desired 



Farm Supporter Share

Each year we have many members who want to help on the farm in some way, and are either unable to come to the farm, or unable to do physical tasks, but still want to contribute to the overall success of the CSA and see the farm continue offering the many farm products. In 2017, we have a major update needed to our packing and cooler facility that must be completed to continue the CSA for future years. It has been put off as the extra funds have just not been available. We need to add an addition to house the coolers that will significantly cut utility costs and provide a much more consistent and worker friendly environment within the shed. The first stage of the project was done in 2011 and completion is definitely needed to provide the best CSA possible.


Helping Hand Shares

Every year we get inquiries from many who are challenged to feed their families and wanting any extras we can provide. While we offer a few work opportunities, it is not always possible for many to get to the farm. Fellow members also alert us of others in crisis and need, requesting anything extra we can spare or donated boxes to help someone out. Many times boxes donated from those on vacation really help fill those requests, but please consider helping us cover those additional costs, plan and extend this outreach on a more consistent basis. Your help and support is greatly appreciated.


A CSA is more than just a box of veggies! The earlier our members register, the more they tell others about their CSA, the sooner the farm can dedicate their entire focus on growing your veggies and ultimately the better the season will be for everyone... this is critical since every CSA farm must sell a set number of shares each year to remain sustainable and continue to offer their CSA programs,  There is no greater way to support a local family farm that is transitioning to the next generation in this time of great challenges for organic agriculture and small farms around the US. Your involvement in Treasured Haven Farm CSA is greatly welcomed and appreciated. We are honored for the opportunity to bring food to your family's table. 

Coupon codes are valid only for orders with shares of veggies and/or fruit shares.


One discount per registration, largest discount applies


If any unforeseen errors in pricing or technical glitches cause erroneous totals or share amounts to be calculated, Treasured Haven Farm reserves the right to seek correction of such errors in good faith with any member who may have been affected. Thanks for Understanding!

Billing Information


You will be redirected to PayPal after pressing the button below. Please make sure to finish the transaction by completing the PayPal form. You can use any credit card without needing a PayPal account.

Click REGISTER to complete your registration and make payment.

By my action of registering for Treasured Haven Farm CSA I agree to the Terms and Conditions below.

Terms & Conditions

By Registering for Treasured Haven Farm's CSA, I acknowledge I understand the basic premise of a CSA, the description of what I am purchasing, and my personal responsibility for staying informed and picking up my shares in a timely fashion. I understand more information is located at www.treasuredhavenfarm.com that contains a more comprehensive discussion of many aspects of the CSA.

 I understand that joining Treasured Haven Farm CSA, or any CSA, involves some risks and that even the good folks on the farm doing their absolute best at filling my veggie boxes each week may experience a time when weather or pests may foil the best laid plans and reduce expected yields resulting in less than optimal amounts of certain crops. I understand the farm will always work to replant or find other ways to fill any voids or substitute with something else of value from the farm during the season. I understand that a Veggie Share is calculated as a season's worth of value, not a specific value per box and as a member I am investing in a share of the farm's harvest, not a specified amount of specific vegetables. Going beyond this traditional agreement of shared risks, Treasured Haven Farm will also set aside reserve funds to be utilized in the case of a vegetable crop failure where we can purchase additional organic produce from other organic farms to fill in any major voids in our members boxes.

While we understand plans or desires may change, due to the principles of a Community Supported Agriculture program and the planning and expenses incurred for each share, no refunds of veggie shares are possible, but transfer or private sale to someone else is allowed. The farm is to be contacted in such instance of the new shareholder so they can be added to our communications.

Unlike our Veggies Shares, Treasured Haven Farm's Fruit Packs are operated as a subscription service with produce sourced from other farms in addition to melons or similar crops raised on the farm, and as such are calculated on an approximate value each delivery, and are guaranteed to provide a set value. The farm strives to pass on additional savings to members by way of increased value and volume in boxes over the original estimate.

I further understand that I am responsible for picking up my box at the given day and time. If I cannot make it, I need to contact Treasured Haven Farm, preferably before delivery is made to arrange an alternative time. The Site Coordinator, Host, and Farm are not responsible for any box not picked up after the agreed upon pick-up time, nor will a replacement be provided for missing a pick up of a box that was delivered in good faith.

If I find anything not as described with my delivery, or do not see my box when I come to pick up, I agree to contact the delivery driver or farm immediately during pick up hours. Any issue or problem will be immediately addressed.

I understand the boxes used for delivery remain the property of Treasured Haven Farm and that I will preferably leave them at the drop site, or return them promptly the next delivery day. The farm reserves to right to charge a fee of $2 per box if boxes are repeatedly not returned with labels left intact.

The exact method of how it is best to contact the farm is detailed in member newsletters. If any further questions, please contact the farm for clarification.

Questions, check the website at www.treasuredhavenfarm.com or email or call the farm.


GROWING PRACTICES: We have always grown by organic methods, and all of our crops are officially now Certified Organic. You can rest easy knowing the veggies you feed your family from Treasured Haven Farm are grown with natural methods honoring and building healthy soils, without any toxic chemicals or petroleum-based fertilizers. There is no hesitation to reach down and grab a fresh carrot or leafy green and snack while walking the farm fields. We use dry-land farming techniques that greatly enhance vegetable flavors while farming in harmony with nature and also have high-tunnels and greenhouses to provide a controlled environment for growing other crops.

CROPS GROWN: Most harvesting is done the morning of your delivery day so the produce is super fresh when you pick it up that same afternoon from your drop site. The exact selection and amount of specific vegetables members receive can vary greatly from year to year, but we plant a variety according to surveys from our members as to what they would like to see most in their boxes.

Crops grown include a large number of varieties of Leaf Lettuce Blend, Bunching Lettuce, Raddichio, Bok Choi, Kale, Swiss Chard, Spinach, Arugula, Collards, Cabbage, Kohlrabi, Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli, Fennel, Pea Shoots, Green Onions, Scallions, Radishes, Daikon, Beets, Carrots, Turnips, Cucumbers, Summer Squash, Zucchini, Watermelons, Cantaloupe, Winter Squash, Pie Pumpkins, Sweet Corn, Potatoes, Onions, Tomatoes, Eggplant, Peppers, Basil, Chives, Dill, Cilantro, Parsley, and more... There is a more detailed list by season elsewhere on our website.

COMMITMENT: The Johnson Family of Treasured Haven Farm take seriously the responsibility of growing vegetables for your family and are sincerely grateful and appreciative of that honor and will work tirelessly to provide the best experience for your family that we are able. We believe in incentivizing ourselves in that we do not take our share of a crop until our CSA member families have received theirs. We grow vegetables for the CSA only and do not sell to other markets, only exceptions are if we specially grow a crop or two, like potatoes, for additional sales or for foodshelves, but we will utilize those if needed to supply the CSA. Our motto on the farm is "Food First" if there is a critical decision where time or manpower needs to focus so taking care of growing veggies will always trump things like a mown lawn or extra decorative crops if that choice must be made. We have a more complete statement of our Farming Philosophy and our own personal stories and motivations for offering the CSA elsewhere on our website.

SAFEGUARDS: We are most appreciative that members understand the mountains of decisions and choices we must make daily and that the nature of farming with such a large number of crops can be very challenging, and many times completely unpredictable. Our commitment is to have extensive safeguards and backup plans in place to address those challenges, be quick to replant if needed, and have alternatives or substitute crops ready. Since we are so conscientious, and sometimes sleeping soundly when those challenges loom is not easy, we are also going one step further in dedicating a portion of funds to ensure that if a crop failure does occur we will have the ability to supplement or replace that crop with other certified organic produce if needed so our members do not go without and we can perhaps - sleep :-)  We hope our members understand this important safeguard to our sanity ;-)

More Info is always available on our website. www.treasuredhavenfarm.com


The wide variety of organic fruit comes from beyond the local market to find varieties and fruits not grown in Minnesota. We utilize farm sources almost exclusively from within the United States during the peak of the seasons, although an occasional substitution of organic produce from other countries may be needed due to weather conditions or delay in transit that make our planned selections temporarily unavailable.

*Mixed boxes will contain a combination and assortment of fruit that will vary over the course the season, including: Grapes, Nectarines, Apricots, Plums, Pluots, Lemon, Valencia Oranges, Avocados, Peaches, Mangoes, Figs, Cherries - Raineer and Dark Sweet, Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Kiwi, Pomegranate, Grapefuit, Apples, Pears, Mandarines, Cranberries, and any other available seasonal fruit varieties. Depending on the growing season, members may not receive every listed item but may receive other fruits that are not on this list.


    EOW BLUE Summer Schedule

  •     WEEK 1: June 12-15 Delivery to Site 
  •     WEEK 3: June 26-29 Delivery to Site
  •     WEEK 5: July 10-13 Delivery to Site
  •     WEEK 7: July 24-27 Delivery to Site
  •     WEEK 9: August 7-10 Delivery to Site
  •     WEEK 11: August 21-24 Delivery to Site
  •     WEEK 13: September 4-8 Delivery to Site (Most Monday deliveries this week will be rescheduled to Tuesday because of Labor Day.. there are exceptions.)
  •     WEEK 15: September 18-21 Delivery
  •     Week 17 Oct 2-5 will be added in place of Week 1 if needed for a later than anticipated start to the season.

    EOW ORANGE Summer Schedule

  •     WEEK 2: June 19-22 Delivery to Site
  •     WEEK 4: July 3-6 Delivery to Site
  •     WEEK 6: July 14-17 Delivery to Site
  •     WEEK 8: July 31- August 3 Delivery to Site
  •     WEEK 10: August 14-17 Delivery to Site
  •     WEEK 12: Aug 28-31 Delivery to Site
  •     WEEK 14: Sept 11-14 Delivery to Site
  •     WEEK 16: Sept. 25-28 Delivery to Site

   Extended Fall Schedule

  •     WEEK 18: October 9  Delivery to Site
  •     WEEK 20: October 23 Delivery to Site
  •     WEEK 22: November 6 Delivery to Site
  •     WEEK 24: November 20 Delivery to Site

Any December and Holiday 2016 Shares will be sold in the Fall of 2017.


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